Thursday, September 19, 2013

News, News and Other Tom-Foolery

I feel like I'm setting myself up for disappointment with that name... this post will not be nearly as exciting as all that name implies!

A few short things (as opposed to tall?!).....

Since we last spoke we stocked up with Beauty So Fly in Singapore- yay! Take a peek at this exclusive shade we came up with, only available through Grace's shop! 
This one is named "She's Pretty Fly"- personally I really love how it came out :)
 Purple/navy-ish base + silver, purple, blue, green, iridescent glitters... this is 3 thin coats + TC.

Also, something very exciting for me personally, we joined forces with the amazing Sophie of Femme Fatale Cosmetics in Australia (one of my personal heroes)! We are slowly working our way towards being more accessible overseas and saving customers crazy high shipping charges from Canada. 

With the addition of these wonderful international stockists, WingDust will work towards phasing out international shipping from the Etsy shop. It was a hard decision to come to, I love dealing with all my wonderful customers overseas, but the cost is too high on both sides of the coin. There has been a gaggle of problems with international shipping that we just haven't been able to avoid. To name a few; lost shipments and packages that take YEARS to arrive, extremely high shipping costs that don't include tracking, (the shipping we charge is - believe it or not- lower than what we are actually charged!). Sadly it's just not feasible to continue taking the hit on shipping charges overseas. It's my hope that this will be easier for everyone involved in the long run! 

For all my wonderful ladies (and gents?) in the United Kingdom, I'm excited to say that WingDust will be stocked in the UK by Rainbow Connection very soon, so we're slowly creeping out there into the world... so watch out!

Also.... Since we weren't able to celebrate our 1 year anniversary because of the chaos of moving this past summer, I'm gearing up for an awesome give-away and I'm so excited for some of the wonderful brands who have agreed to sponsor prizes... so keep an eye-ball or two peeled for those to be featured soon as well :)

I think that about covers all the newest and latest developments... Stay in touch :)

Talk soon!


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