About Me

About me.... Hmm.... I don't do well with these so I'll throw out some random facts!

This is my baby, miss him :(

This is a little-known fact about me, I am actually a ninja. No joke. It's a real thing.  

 I can be a bit nutty at times... If I have to look or sound ridiculous to make someone laugh I am usually all in 100%. I like to be funny and entertain people whether I look silly or not, which is usually what happens not gonna lie!

This next one pretty much sums me up: I have medium dark brown hair, wear aviators, skinny jeans and boots over top, drink a butt-load of coffee while juggling a soccer ball at all times. True story! (Some poetic license was taken in the telling of this story... But I DO love coffee and soccer... and I DO basically dress like that... it's creepy really....)


I'm an artist at heart, there's a side of me that is solemn and reflective and it only really comes through in my art and my writing. When I was younger art and writing were how I dealt with all the tough stuff in life. I love angels... not the cutesy, fairy-like ones... but the mysterious, beautiful ones that you don't always notice in a crowded place- the ones where you don't always notice their wings or see their face.

 I like to take self portraits when I feel pretty... then I like to over expose them so I look pretty-ER and you don't see all my faults... like my NOSE. Haha, success!

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