Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Giveaway Central

Check us out! Another post WHAAAAAT?!

Just a quick one today, I just wanted to pop in and make sure you know about a giveaway running right now by a very special lady *cough** Iced Lacquer *cough*....

Check it out!

I'm so happy Tia included us in her awesome giveaway, look at some of those prizes! I was so excited to create a custom polish for her special milestone of 1000 followers. Take a peek down below to see some pictures and find out how to enter... There are only 2 of this polish in existence and that is all she wrote folks! 

Jelly sandwich made with our custom "Ice Dust"

Tia deserves all the love and more, so get on over and follow this lady because she's awesome!

See her blog HERE!

And check her giveaway here.... Iced Lacquer Giveaway

Also, don't forget about our own WingDust giveaway that is still running until the end of the month to celebrate coming up on 3000 likes on Facebook! If you haven't already entered, there is still time, and we've added on a 7th price that includes some awesome Digital Nails prizes as well as some mystery polish. 

See below for your entry options!

Talk soon, 


Friday, November 1, 2013

It's late... So we're looking at pictures... LOTS of pictures!

Lookie lookie, we have a new post!

It's been a quiet Friday night here of just puttering around, just trying to finalize a million different details in preparation for our next release of fall colours!

On that note, I thought we might feature one or two of the new shades you can expect to see in the near future. Here goes...

This first one was especially hard to get a colour accurate photo of, these were my best attempts after about 40 tries!

2 coats alone, no unmentionables!!

They look silver, bot those large dots are actually gold!

Lots of shifting shimmer in this rich royal base.

All pictures show 2 coats, I wanted this polish to be rich, deep, and mysterious. It has gold flecks, copper blue and royal glitters. There are tiny holo micro-bars, iridescent glitters, and large gold dots... There are about 20 different glitters in here, so lots going on, but I'm loving the final product- hopefully you do too!

I welcome your input... what are your thoughts? Any name suggestions? 

For now, it's goodnight!

Stay in touch!


Monday, October 21, 2013

Like... totally!

So... we are approaching 3000 Likes on Facebook....w00000t!

How exciting, I'm so honored to have reached so many people with my little brand! 

As a special thanks, I've been collecting some neat prizes in preparation for giving away some prize packs to WingDust fans, both long-time supporters and new friends alike.

Here are the packs I've put together.... Enjoy :)

Left - Right: Lynderella "Mercurial" - Special Ones Lacquer "Dream State" - WingDust "Steel Town Girl" - Alter Ego "Desert Storm Trigger Puller - Catherine Arley 670
Left- Right: OPI "Honey-dew You Love Me?" - Alter Ego "Beach Comber Too!" - Gilt-y Pleasures - Jindie Nails "HipStar" - Speacial Ones Lacquer "A Little Kindness" - Essence "Choose Me"

Left - Right : After the Storm - SunSpots - Bonfire Under the Stars - Prize-Winning Petunia

Left - Right : Gloss 'n Sparkle "Tupsy Turvy" - She's Pretty Fly - P&K "Left Coast Envy" - Lush Lacquer "Sea Breeze" - Femme Fatale "Edge of the Cosmos"

WingDust Fall Pre-Release Shades! Left - Right: 12kt White Gold + holo + copper/red shimmer - Somewhere Out There - Un-named - Bean Me! - Waking Dream

WingDust Gold+Silver Leaf products- Left - Right : I Can See Your Holo (new!). Girls Night Out, Perfect Day, Coral Leaf, Steel Town Girl, Gilt-y Pleasures

So there you have it! It's possible we may add on some prizes in the near future but for now this is what we have... Hopefully there are one or two pretties that strike your fancy in here... so get entering!

Giveaway will run from now until November 21st... so you have a whole month to get your chances in :)

Stay in touch for some upcoming features of new shades and sponsor companies... 
Happy Monday!


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Thursday, September 19, 2013

News, News and Other Tom-Foolery

I feel like I'm setting myself up for disappointment with that name... this post will not be nearly as exciting as all that name implies!

A few short things (as opposed to tall?!).....

Since we last spoke we stocked up with Beauty So Fly in Singapore- yay! Take a peek at this exclusive shade we came up with, only available through Grace's shop! 
This one is named "She's Pretty Fly"- personally I really love how it came out :)
 Purple/navy-ish base + silver, purple, blue, green, iridescent glitters... this is 3 thin coats + TC.

Also, something very exciting for me personally, we joined forces with the amazing Sophie of Femme Fatale Cosmetics in Australia (one of my personal heroes)! We are slowly working our way towards being more accessible overseas and saving customers crazy high shipping charges from Canada. 

With the addition of these wonderful international stockists, WingDust will work towards phasing out international shipping from the Etsy shop. It was a hard decision to come to, I love dealing with all my wonderful customers overseas, but the cost is too high on both sides of the coin. There has been a gaggle of problems with international shipping that we just haven't been able to avoid. To name a few; lost shipments and packages that take YEARS to arrive, extremely high shipping costs that don't include tracking, (the shipping we charge is - believe it or not- lower than what we are actually charged!). Sadly it's just not feasible to continue taking the hit on shipping charges overseas. It's my hope that this will be easier for everyone involved in the long run! 

For all my wonderful ladies (and gents?) in the United Kingdom, I'm excited to say that WingDust will be stocked in the UK by Rainbow Connection very soon, so we're slowly creeping out there into the world... so watch out!

Also.... Since we weren't able to celebrate our 1 year anniversary because of the chaos of moving this past summer, I'm gearing up for an awesome give-away and I'm so excited for some of the wonderful brands who have agreed to sponsor prizes... so keep an eye-ball or two peeled for those to be featured soon as well :)

I think that about covers all the newest and latest developments... Stay in touch :)

Talk soon!


Saturday, May 25, 2013

More New Things!

Hi all!

Look at me, it hasn't even been that long since the last post! Well, OK, it sort've has been a while. Here I was, all proud of myself and such... Oh well, why change now :)

Any-who, let's re-cap, shall we?

...Where do we start?

Of course you all know from my last post that we were listing and selling our house, since that announcement we showed our house, sold AND bought a new home. So needless to say it's been a busy month so far!

Now? It's packing time! It's so surreal. This has been the longest I've stayed in one place in the past 6 years since graduating University, it feels so strange to be packing up my life after finally starting to feel settled somewhere- go figure!

Thankfully in the middle of all the packing and cleaning, I've been able to sneak down to my work space and unpack supplies every once in a while to create some new pretties and scatter glitter all over the place again. 

Now that we don't have to keep the house spotless though, I've been a busy bee, mixing and pouring as many colours as I'm able so that we can have one last moving sale - that includes a whole bunch of new colours too, incase anyone is interested :).

Also, another cool development... Check it!

We'll be working hard to get this organized before the big move :)

Not that I want to manipulate all of your time, but I am also excited to show another new colour. Picture heavy- you've been warned. I hope you like it, I do!

Outdoors with flash
This polish is a dark purple base, red and purple micro glitter, purple iridescent sparks, grey, neon pink hexes in all sizes, topped with a red/copper shimmer. This polish is just jammed with glitters, it's hard to see from the photos but the tiny silver and iridescent glitters just dance in real life, I also am in love with the depth of this one (you can see with the larger grey hex laying just under the surface).

Outdoors, no flash

Outdoors, no flash

Detail; those dark blue spots are actually iridescent glitters that flash blue/purple in real life.

Indoors, warm lighting, no flash. Those little blue spots are iridescent sparks

Swatch by @haileyem on Instagram, this is the final version, a more intense shade of dark purple... and check out that red shimmer!

What are your thoughts? Do you love, hate, or "meh" it??

Personally, this polish just kinda came together on it's own, I didn't plan it at all, and I have to say I'm happy with the end result, but I'd love some feedback if you've stuck out my blog post for this long :)

... Anyways, it is past my bed-time folks.... Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend :)

Same time next month, 

 -Stephanie -

Sunday, April 28, 2013

I'm constantly covered in glitter... I take it everywhere I go!

OK... it's been FOREVER since I last had the time to post here. For the 20 or so wonderful people who follow this blog... I'm so sorry, and obviously, you're all wonderful :)

So. Quite a lot has happened since our last post, where do I even start?

Well, firstly, and probably the most exciting development has been our new partnership with the wonderful Llarowe... how crazy is that?! I knew for a few months about the possibility before it actually happened, and let me tell you, it was so hard to keep my mouth shut until it was official! You can take a look at all of our listings on Llarowe HERE :)

Among other developments is something else that is exciting, but could also be a not-so-positive development. Something else that I've known about for some time, but haven't mentioned because I'm not sure exactly how it will affect WingDust. 

The long and short of it is that we are moving! I found out in October that this summer we will be selling our house and moving. I usually try to keep my personal things separate from WingDust and to keep everything brand and polish related, but in this case I have to make an exception because of the affects it will have on WingDust. 

This weekend was spent purging, packing, and cleaning the work shop into boxes and getting the house ready to list. The work space is now a collections of boxes and all polish-related activities are now on hold until the move is finalized. I don't know yet what the future is going to look like for myself or for WingDust, but I will keep everyone as up-to-date as possible while the transition occurs. For the foreseeable future, Llarowe will be your most current supplier for WingDust polish.

Once the move happens, I will do my best to stay current but I'm afraid WingDust may disappear for a little while, as much as I don't want that to happen. I will still be very active from a customer service stand point, but for Etsy and customs and polish availability, I will be very limited in how accommodating I can be. 

I really do appreciate your patience and all the love and support. I am hopeful I can arrange 1 or 2 more re-stocks once the house is sold, but for now that is just an idea and I'll have to play by ear how much polish will be possible over the next few months.

For now? I leave you with a new shade I've been working on. I'm very happy with how it's turned out and I hope you'll have access to it very soon :) If you're sensitive about dry cuticles... please don't scroll any further.... You've officially been warned!


Steel blue/gray jelly base, lots of linear holo. 
Iridescent sparks and flakes, holo turquoise shreds, and gold leaf.

With flash outside in sunlight.
2 coats in natural light.

This may or may not be a prize on the Facebook page for an up-coming giveaway... stay tuned :)

Next blog post will feature another new shade, also coming soon!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend :)

Friday, January 18, 2013

Happy Friday!!

SO glad it's the weekend, something about this week just seemed to drain everything out of me for some reason.

Time to put up my once-every-2-month post again :) For those of you who still bother to pop in from time to time you'll know all too well about my horrible blogging skills- or lack thereof!

I thought I'd throw out a few photos of our craft show before Christmas, we had a blast setting up the table and displaying all our lovely blogger photos, it gave everything such an elegant and professional feel. What do you think of our set-up?

Check out those sexy swatches from ms. Alexis Leigh and Sassy Paints Gini- they made us look so good!

After the craft show was all wrapped up we literally were wrapping up for Christmas, it was home to the country we went to be with my parents. After starting our winter with no snow, wouldn't you know it snowed like crazy the night we were making the long trip home... that was a bit scary, we definitely got our winter wonderland. Yuck! 

On a cuter, more positive note, can y'all guess what I got my Momma for Christmas? It was pretty adorable I must say, I was quite proud of myself :) Check it out.

It's about those adorable little feets sticking straight up in the air!

Loves his nail polish jewelry!

Max found a little nook on Mom's book shelf, later broke one of her statues when he got too big :)

Nothing like an adorable little ball of fluff to make everyones Christmas brighter, Mom welcomed little Mad Max with open arms, he is now her little shadow I hear. Don't be fooled by his adorableness though, he is named Mad Max for a reason... a very good one!

In between all the kitten cuteness and eating unhealthy amounts of food, we did manage to get a little exercise in... a very little, but exercise nonetheless!

OK... so THEY got exercise... and I watched!

All in all it was a wonderful Christmas, made better by the family that came down, which doesn't happen as often as I wish it could. 

I might be a bit behind the times on this one but from my family to yours, I hope your Christmas and New Years were wonderful and filled with laughter, love, and many amazing memories.

And now that it's finally back to life as usual??

Polish on!