Wednesday, December 5, 2012

It's been a while... how the heck are ya?!

Well, again, it's been a long time since there's been a post up, so here goes!

I never claimed to be a blogger-type personality, in fact, I am not (because I KNOW you didn't already notice)! It seems that life just has other plans for me and other things take priority.

Let's get you all caught up on what's been happening with WingDust over the past few weeks!

First; we had some wonderful reviews come out, both by familiar and new faces.

Can I just say that one lady especially blew my socks off with how lovely her swatches were, and such a sweetheart to boot so I felt doubly blessed! I'm going to compensate for my horrible blogging skills by showing you some of her wonderful pictures and, if you don't already, encourage you to follow her since she's going to be famous someday!

Total Pink Bomb!

After the Rain- LE Holo

Plum Outta Ideas!

Autumn Fire- underwater shot showing shift

Autumn Fire- Outdoor light shows purple/red shift

Autumn Fire- outdoor light shows red/orange shift

Autumn Fire- Indoor lighting shows lavender/purple shift

Neon Black- closeup detail of the iridescent sparks hiding in the background

... And that is me RESTRAINING myself from posting too many pictures and even deleting a bunch :)

What else has happened lately? WingDust had a smashing busy Black Weekend sale offering 35% off of all sales for the weekend- let's just say you all had me running! It was great though, we managed to make it through the weekend with our sanity and (hopefully) not missing anyone's orders or messing up. 

At the same time as all that we were preparing ourselves for the 2nd craft show of the year. There were lots of loose ends to tie up in the days before the show but everything came together wonderfully with the help of the ever-so-wonderful Ryan, who volunteered his time yet again to create a poster for me, as well as getting up at 7AM on a SATURDAY to come help me set up the table.... What a guy!!

Let's feature those photos on the blog later on tonight, we'll make up for my lapse this month by posting twice in one day. Sounds good to me!

Stay tuned lovely readers :)


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tuesday night feature

So things seem to have finally settled down a bit, now there is time for a regular post. 

Let's start with a quick update on the craft show we attended this past weekend. After a LOT of prep- see my instagram for an idea- we finally made it!

Poor Ryan. He's been sick the last little while (I may or may not have given him my cold) but he still made my display stands for the craft show- when he was home sick from work no less! Don't worry, I bought him a box of cookies and neo-citran to say thank you :)

And here is the finished product, I think he did a fantastic job! Thoughts?

I was also pretty psyched to introduce my new packaging into the mix and was quite happy with how everything seemed to come together.

And now for a polish.

Here follows a color I've been playing with for quite some time, though you may not know it to see it as it's really very simple in formula. Please excuse the messy stamp nail-art, I got a bit excited and messed it up a little, it feels like it's been years since I broke out the 

Let's focus on the color instead. This is a deep ash/carbon grey with lots of shimmer and holo glitters.

I tried to capture a bit of the violet shimmer and blue flash in the background of all that holo-ness.

This polish is easily opaque in 1-2 coats, I used 3 in these photos to achieve a more intense/dark level of opacity.

I took some slightly out of focus, low-light photos to try and convey the sparkle and flash of both the holo and the irridescent bits.

Any thoughts? I know on the surface it may seem a bit plainer compared to a lot of my other polishes, but I love the subtle shimmer and flash that it has and right now I am really loving the polishes that can stand alone as a solid yet still have an element of mystery and interest to them... at least that was my attempt at it!

What do you think: love it, meh, or lose it?

Sleep sweet and talk soon!


Thursday, October 25, 2012

Who needs sleep?

I know it's been ages since we sat down for a chat, I feel like so much has happened in all that time so I want to update you as quickly as possible on all the exciting things, both polish and non-polish related, that have been happening!

So where did we leave off last?

Ah yes, the changing seasons and slowly fading summer :( 

Since that last post we had Thanksgiving up here in Canada (for my American and international friends) the 2nd weekend of October- yes, it's been that long! It was a wonderful weekend away spent with my guy and my parents, it was so nice to be home and feel rested and just enjoy some quietness away from the city life.

I did a little bit of stalking in my free time...

This is Ryan telling me to stop stalking him and come pick some raspberries...

Hey, where'd you go???

After this wonderful and all-too-short weekend, it was back to city and working life :(

It was not without it's perks though, I had the awesome opportunity to go to a Starfield concert and WOW were they amazing! For those of you who aren't familiar, Starfield is a Christian band who have been around for about 10 years now, even if you're not a Christian or familiar with the band they are still a great listen and super funny and down to earth guys... I highly recommend!

You can check out one of their latest songs HERE :)

This update is one I'm pumped about... New footy shoes and the start of indoor soccer :) Aren't they sexy? Yay for getting exercise and getting out of the polish dungeon twice a week!

Now for the polish-related updates! (There are a lot more things to share than I originally thought...)

Tonight has been a night of getting ready for an up-coming craft show. This will be my first ever and I'm not sure what to expect but am kind've excited. Lots of prep has been going on though, hence why I'm still awake at 2am :(

Poor Ryan, I gave him my cold and he is now a big sniffly sicky-pants, but is still helping me get ready for the show. What a guy :)

Will they all fit? And will it handle all that polish? We shall soon find out...

And in the midst of all this preparation, new labels and packaging arrived also! I feel like everything is coming together... but it's all happening at once and it's a bit hard to keep track of at times!

Welcome, new label! What are your thoughts? Do you prefer the old? I'd love feedback!

Here's a way-back play-back for you. 
For those of you amazing people who have supported me from the beginning, you might remember the very basic first labels we had going on... I'd like to think that we've improved ourselves just a bit since the fund-raising for Africa campaign!

Check out these before and after shots....

There are a few more interesting changes coming up (they are mostly polish-related I promise), but since it is after 2 in the AM, I will save them for another post. 

I promise this next one won't take me a month to post, stay tuned. 

Sleep sweet and stay classy all, 


Saturday, September 29, 2012

Sneaky Peeks

Good morning everyone!

OK so nevermind that it's 2 in the PM, it's Saturday and I am still in PJ's, therefore? MORNING! This is my last day to sit out in the backyard and enjoy some beautiful sunshine and warm weather with our flowers since after this my sister and I are packing in all the patio and cleaning out the pond before the cold weather comes :(... 

See? There she goes... mowing the lawn behind me.... Man she would kill me if she saw I put that picture up... Good thing she doesn't read my blog :D... or even know that I have one for that matter!

I'm totally going to miss all the beautiful flowers and sitting out here and listening to the pond bubbling :( How depressing, it's almost time for coldness.

OK, I guess I should get to the polish side of the post? So today I have some updates on the new polish that will be joining my polish family. Some old colours will be put out to pasture to live out the rest of their days in ...peace! But first? COFFEE!! Can't live without my Tim... trust me I've tried!

OK I'm done, I promise. 
So I hadn't realized how many new shades I'd created until I actually collected them all for this photo shoot... and it's kind've a lot! So, spoiler alert, this post will be- as always- picture heavy. Enjoy :)


2 Glows and a Holo

3 Creme/Jelly Polishes

2 more scattered Holo's to join the already posted "Blue Like Jazz" (pictured centre). Now that I think of it, I really should've taken a photo of these in the sunlight...

The whole extended family.

Let's feature ONE polish for this post? Here we are, Limited Edition un-named Holo.


Under lamp light

In the shade with flash, without flash. 
Sun light :)

Please don't laugh at my poor litle nubby nails... believe it or not this is actually long for me so I'm quite happy about it!

Let me know what you think :) Stay tuned for more features and swatches!

Enjoy your Saturday!