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OK- so I'm a bit of a dork.... a lot of a dork....haha!
SO, back on topic here, this is the page where you get to see a bit of a progression of sorts. Take a peek at a few reviews if you're interested in seeing the way things have changed and the lovely photos all these wonderful ladies took for me:)

**UPDATE** This page has been re-organized to show the most recent reviews first, older posts can be viewed as you scroll further on down the page. Hope this is more convenient! 


Iced Lacquer
Tia suprised me with this lovely review of a polish she bought during our Boxing Week sale, I found it by accident and just had to share it with everyone who would listen! Take a look here...
SnakeSkinShoes Peeks

Nail Designs
Sonia posted this awesome picture on our Facebook page of her swatch of Aurora Sky. I hadn't yet seen any swatches of this polish and it's my favorite of the 3 shiftys, so I was over the moon to see it!

Two Lacquered Girls
Megan @ did a series of posts on 5 different WingDust polishes. I loved every single one, it was like early Christmas getting a new present every few days :) Check out FunkyTown, Total Pink Bomb , Breathing Underwater , Crazy on You with Grey sky Morning finally updated as well :)

Love. Varnish, Chocolate and more...
Deborah @ 
did a wonderful job of showing off some WingDust polishes using different layering options, rather than building the polish up she used complimentary solids and they look awesome! Take a peek HERE :)


Gini @
made me feel like a rock-star, she swatches some new polishes (a shifty top-coat included!), her post was so amazing I would totally recommend her to the world if I could, the pictures speak for themselves! Read the full post HERE :)

I'm Still Thinking...
Jenna was one of the first lovely ladies to swatch 1 of 3 shifting top coats, take a look here and see how lovely it all turned out! ZOW-POP! April Showers!

Also, take a look at her review of a few other personal faves of mine :)  CLICK HERE NOW!

Taneja's Bride 
Shipra @
was kind enough to do a 2nd review of WingDust polish, I was looking forward to this as she was the first review I ever received, I was interested to hear her thoughts on how WingDust has changed and progressed in that time. Check it out!

Alexis Leigh
Alexis @  
this funny lady has done some amazing swatches for me in the past and I'm so happy to share the continuation of our polish partnership with you! Take a look at some new reviews from this lovely lady. 

Alexis Review: Part 1!

Review Part 2 :)

Globe & Nail  
Emma @
did a wonderful job on 3 of my new polishes from the Zambia Collection. Check out the full review HERE :)

 Tough As Nails Lacquer
Elizabeth @ is the first to review a few polishes from the Zambia Collection. This definitely put a smile on my face :) See full review HERE

Hailey's Super Awesome Blog About Nail Polish and Other Things ...
Ok, so that's not really the name of her blog because she doesn't actually have one... yet! I'm slowly convincing her otherwise though, just wait :)
 This awesome lady is responsible for all my nail polish crazyness- and she takes a mean photo too with her perfect nails and long nail beds and such... I'm not jealous or anything though... not jealous... not me...
Anyways! Take a look at this wonderful swatch she did for me last week of Zambezi Sunset, from my new Zambia Collection :)

The Blahg
So, the previous post inspired THIS post and it totally made my week. Sharra @ was sweet enough to put up some pictures of a package she received this week and I may be biased, but I think Under the Sea looks awesome one her! Check it out HERE :) !

One Nail to Another
This post was such a nice surprise and done beautifully by Ashley @

You can see the whole story HERE :) 

Passion for Polish
There are 2 wonderful posts by this talented lady, Ashley @ She did a review and giveaway of 3 polishes, and followed up by reviewing a new addition to my polish family- Love, Love me do! 
I couldn't be happier about her pictures, she did such a lovely job :) Check out her review HERE!

Next we have a beautiful lady who has helped me not just with polish but with this blog also! 
I'm so happy to have met her,  Alexis Leigh @! You can see her first reviews of my polish HERE, stay tuned for more reviews from her as she takes more beautiful photos of some new colours:)

Next we have the oh so honest and awesome Roisin at, she provided me some very honest reviews and helped me find and fix some glitches with 2 polishes, which I so appreciate! Take a look HERE :)

Taneja's Bride
This first post is one of the very first reviews that I had done, the ever so sweet Shipra at was I believe the first review I had go up.  Check it out HERE!