Saturday, September 29, 2012

Sneaky Peeks

Good morning everyone!

OK so nevermind that it's 2 in the PM, it's Saturday and I am still in PJ's, therefore? MORNING! This is my last day to sit out in the backyard and enjoy some beautiful sunshine and warm weather with our flowers since after this my sister and I are packing in all the patio and cleaning out the pond before the cold weather comes :(... 

See? There she goes... mowing the lawn behind me.... Man she would kill me if she saw I put that picture up... Good thing she doesn't read my blog :D... or even know that I have one for that matter!

I'm totally going to miss all the beautiful flowers and sitting out here and listening to the pond bubbling :( How depressing, it's almost time for coldness.

OK, I guess I should get to the polish side of the post? So today I have some updates on the new polish that will be joining my polish family. Some old colours will be put out to pasture to live out the rest of their days in ...peace! But first? COFFEE!! Can't live without my Tim... trust me I've tried!

OK I'm done, I promise. 
So I hadn't realized how many new shades I'd created until I actually collected them all for this photo shoot... and it's kind've a lot! So, spoiler alert, this post will be- as always- picture heavy. Enjoy :)


2 Glows and a Holo

3 Creme/Jelly Polishes

2 more scattered Holo's to join the already posted "Blue Like Jazz" (pictured centre). Now that I think of it, I really should've taken a photo of these in the sunlight...

The whole extended family.

Let's feature ONE polish for this post? Here we are, Limited Edition un-named Holo.


Under lamp light

In the shade with flash, without flash. 
Sun light :)

Please don't laugh at my poor litle nubby nails... believe it or not this is actually long for me so I'm quite happy about it!

Let me know what you think :) Stay tuned for more features and swatches!

Enjoy your Saturday!


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Spoiler Alert, Picture Heavy!

So it's been a little while since I've posted... and in that time I've realized why I haven't ever had a blog before... it's because I suck at it! I have been "blog-silent" and off the radar lately because I've been waiting oh-so-impatiently for what I knew would be some fantastic pictures from the ever-awesome Alexis @ and yes, after much badgering and whining on my part, they finally arrived... w0000000000t! It totally pays to be a pest sometimes :)

If you have been by my Facebook page at all you might have noticed these next few photos. This polish was based off the fact that I had a wedding to go to... and didn't have a nail polish to match my killer shoes.

 So this is what we started with...
... after YEARS (OK, like 2 weeks) of patiently waiting, this is what we came up with...

LOVELY right?? Amazing how much better it looks on Alexis than on me... it's actually a bit unfair... it's MY polish :( 

Just for fun, let's compare....

. . .

... I immediately regret this decision... Now I'm sad ... 

Stay tuned to my Facebook for updates on this and more new polishes, coming soon. 

Stay Classy!


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Mid-Week update: Rain, rain, rain, COLD!

So it went from Summer to Fall in an instant it seems :(

I'm not going to lie, I've been feeling a bit down lately, what with the cooler weather coming on, the cutting down on coffee (that in itself is a major problem!), and all the computer/template/label problems that have been popping up! Also, did anyone else's Monday come on WAY too fast???????

But for tonight's post I wanted to share something that made me smile and feel a bit better about all this lameness, it will also go up on my "Reviews" page but I wanted to share here anyways.

Check out the full post HERE, also if you're interested there will be 2 other polishes to follow at some point from Elizabeth, I can't wait to see how they turn out :)

That is all for me tonight folks, short and sweet! Grab a teddy bear, some fuzzy slippers, and enjoy a nice hot cup of coffee for me because it's miserable outside and I'm mourning the loss of my summer :(


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Broken bottles, blood, and more updates!

Gross title, I know, I apologize!

So I broke my first ever polish bottle last night, base and glass everywhere! I thought I got everything all picked up, turns out I missed a piece... a GINORMOUS piece.... I don't want to get graphic but it went a little something like this.... PAIN! LOTS OF PAIN! And blood. Haha I'm so sorry, but my poor foot... I really don't do well with blood... which is very unfortunate because there was a lot! OK I'm done now!

ANYWAYS, that's enough of my not-so-healthy update :) In other news tonight, I was happy to announce not one but TWO winners of my giveaway on Monday. I let me nephews pick the winning names out of the hat and since they both wanted to pick the winner I said, wht the heck!

Both ladies claimed their prizes, made their choices, and I hope to have their gifts in the mail by Friday. Thank you so much to all the wonderful gals who hustled to get me so many likes on the Facebook page, I definitely didn't expect it to move as quickly as it did! The original goal was 100 likes, and we ended the giveaway with 142!!

Very cool beans :)

I'm working slowly but surely to update the various pages on this blog, be patient with me I'm quite slow at times. I'm very happy to say my Reviews page is now up and running with links and photos of all the awesome posts that have gone up- definitely stay tuned as there are more coming that I am extremely excited about! 

For now, it is past my bed time and I leave you with epic cuteness.

Sleep sweet, dream of glitter and walking CAREFULLY around broken bottles :P


Monday, September 10, 2012

Hello... hello? Is this thing on? Am I doing this right??

... OK- did I figure this thing out?

So... I have a blog! Can you tell I've never done this before????

I did a little happy dance when I found out and it's all thanks to the always lovely Alexis Leigh at for helping me... nix that... for DOING EVERYTHING for me and setting this whole thing up so I could ramble on and bore the pants off of everyone who stops by  :D

I am so totally technologically impaired it's not even funny, how sad :( but on the bright side I'm learning... if this post actually goes up, that is. I may or may not have to put in a "HELP ME!!!" call to Alexis, but here's hoping she doesn't have to hold my hand the whole time... Good Lord... am I like 80 or something?!

So here we are, WingDustCollections now has a voice and a home and I'm so excited to be getting a bit more organized, between this and the windgdust facebook page we should be able to keep you fairly well-informed and up-to-date and all the happenings and specials going on. 

Thank you thank you for visiting, come back soon! But be warned, I kept this post relatively short to try and con you into coming back a second time :) 

PS -- Don't forget about the giveaway that's going on tonight... if you haven't already done so, get on over to my Facebook page @ to "Like to win" 3 full bottles and 3 mini's and counting (up until 6pm tonight)- I say "and counting" because for every 10 "Likes" the prizes grows by 1 mini bottle... It's free stuff...Just sayin'! :) 

Winner announced at 7PM tonight on my Facebook page, good luck ladies!