Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Giveaway Central

Check us out! Another post WHAAAAAT?!

Just a quick one today, I just wanted to pop in and make sure you know about a giveaway running right now by a very special lady *cough** Iced Lacquer *cough*....

Check it out!

I'm so happy Tia included us in her awesome giveaway, look at some of those prizes! I was so excited to create a custom polish for her special milestone of 1000 followers. Take a peek down below to see some pictures and find out how to enter... There are only 2 of this polish in existence and that is all she wrote folks! 

Jelly sandwich made with our custom "Ice Dust"

Tia deserves all the love and more, so get on over and follow this lady because she's awesome!

See her blog HERE!

And check her giveaway here.... Iced Lacquer Giveaway

Also, don't forget about our own WingDust giveaway that is still running until the end of the month to celebrate coming up on 3000 likes on Facebook! If you haven't already entered, there is still time, and we've added on a 7th price that includes some awesome Digital Nails prizes as well as some mystery polish. 

See below for your entry options!

Talk soon, 


Friday, November 1, 2013

It's late... So we're looking at pictures... LOTS of pictures!

Lookie lookie, we have a new post!

It's been a quiet Friday night here of just puttering around, just trying to finalize a million different details in preparation for our next release of fall colours!

On that note, I thought we might feature one or two of the new shades you can expect to see in the near future. Here goes...

This first one was especially hard to get a colour accurate photo of, these were my best attempts after about 40 tries!

2 coats alone, no unmentionables!!

They look silver, bot those large dots are actually gold!

Lots of shifting shimmer in this rich royal base.

All pictures show 2 coats, I wanted this polish to be rich, deep, and mysterious. It has gold flecks, copper blue and royal glitters. There are tiny holo micro-bars, iridescent glitters, and large gold dots... There are about 20 different glitters in here, so lots going on, but I'm loving the final product- hopefully you do too!

I welcome your input... what are your thoughts? Any name suggestions? 

For now, it's goodnight!

Stay in touch!