Friday, November 1, 2013

It's late... So we're looking at pictures... LOTS of pictures!

Lookie lookie, we have a new post!

It's been a quiet Friday night here of just puttering around, just trying to finalize a million different details in preparation for our next release of fall colours!

On that note, I thought we might feature one or two of the new shades you can expect to see in the near future. Here goes...

This first one was especially hard to get a colour accurate photo of, these were my best attempts after about 40 tries!

2 coats alone, no unmentionables!!

They look silver, bot those large dots are actually gold!

Lots of shifting shimmer in this rich royal base.

All pictures show 2 coats, I wanted this polish to be rich, deep, and mysterious. It has gold flecks, copper blue and royal glitters. There are tiny holo micro-bars, iridescent glitters, and large gold dots... There are about 20 different glitters in here, so lots going on, but I'm loving the final product- hopefully you do too!

I welcome your input... what are your thoughts? Any name suggestions? 

For now, it's goodnight!

Stay in touch!



  1. Id call it "I Put a Spell on You", like the song, because the color combo gives me a witchy/psychic vibe.

  2. Replies
    1. We'll be listing this on our etsy shop mid-November with several other new fall releases :)