Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tuesday night feature

So things seem to have finally settled down a bit, now there is time for a regular post. 

Let's start with a quick update on the craft show we attended this past weekend. After a LOT of prep- see my instagram for an idea- we finally made it!

Poor Ryan. He's been sick the last little while (I may or may not have given him my cold) but he still made my display stands for the craft show- when he was home sick from work no less! Don't worry, I bought him a box of cookies and neo-citran to say thank you :)

And here is the finished product, I think he did a fantastic job! Thoughts?

I was also pretty psyched to introduce my new packaging into the mix and was quite happy with how everything seemed to come together.

And now for a polish.

Here follows a color I've been playing with for quite some time, though you may not know it to see it as it's really very simple in formula. Please excuse the messy stamp nail-art, I got a bit excited and messed it up a little, it feels like it's been years since I broke out the 

Let's focus on the color instead. This is a deep ash/carbon grey with lots of shimmer and holo glitters.

I tried to capture a bit of the violet shimmer and blue flash in the background of all that holo-ness.

This polish is easily opaque in 1-2 coats, I used 3 in these photos to achieve a more intense/dark level of opacity.

I took some slightly out of focus, low-light photos to try and convey the sparkle and flash of both the holo and the irridescent bits.

Any thoughts? I know on the surface it may seem a bit plainer compared to a lot of my other polishes, but I love the subtle shimmer and flash that it has and right now I am really loving the polishes that can stand alone as a solid yet still have an element of mystery and interest to them... at least that was my attempt at it!

What do you think: love it, meh, or lose it?

Sleep sweet and talk soon!


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