Wednesday, December 5, 2012

It's been a while... how the heck are ya?!

Well, again, it's been a long time since there's been a post up, so here goes!

I never claimed to be a blogger-type personality, in fact, I am not (because I KNOW you didn't already notice)! It seems that life just has other plans for me and other things take priority.

Let's get you all caught up on what's been happening with WingDust over the past few weeks!

First; we had some wonderful reviews come out, both by familiar and new faces.

Can I just say that one lady especially blew my socks off with how lovely her swatches were, and such a sweetheart to boot so I felt doubly blessed! I'm going to compensate for my horrible blogging skills by showing you some of her wonderful pictures and, if you don't already, encourage you to follow her since she's going to be famous someday!

Total Pink Bomb!

After the Rain- LE Holo

Plum Outta Ideas!

Autumn Fire- underwater shot showing shift

Autumn Fire- Outdoor light shows purple/red shift

Autumn Fire- outdoor light shows red/orange shift

Autumn Fire- Indoor lighting shows lavender/purple shift

Neon Black- closeup detail of the iridescent sparks hiding in the background

... And that is me RESTRAINING myself from posting too many pictures and even deleting a bunch :)

What else has happened lately? WingDust had a smashing busy Black Weekend sale offering 35% off of all sales for the weekend- let's just say you all had me running! It was great though, we managed to make it through the weekend with our sanity and (hopefully) not missing anyone's orders or messing up. 

At the same time as all that we were preparing ourselves for the 2nd craft show of the year. There were lots of loose ends to tie up in the days before the show but everything came together wonderfully with the help of the ever-so-wonderful Ryan, who volunteered his time yet again to create a poster for me, as well as getting up at 7AM on a SATURDAY to come help me set up the table.... What a guy!!

Let's feature those photos on the blog later on tonight, we'll make up for my lapse this month by posting twice in one day. Sounds good to me!

Stay tuned lovely readers :)



  1. I was scrolling through my blog feed and I saw this pretty pink polish ans was like WOW that's Pink! Then I was like Hey Those are my nails! LOL I'm such a goof! You are so sweet Stephanie! :D

  2. HAHA! I honestly show these photos to anyone who will give me the time of day I'm still so in love with them- so of COURSE I had to do a blog post about them:)