Monday, September 10, 2012

Hello... hello? Is this thing on? Am I doing this right??

... OK- did I figure this thing out?

So... I have a blog! Can you tell I've never done this before????

I did a little happy dance when I found out and it's all thanks to the always lovely Alexis Leigh at for helping me... nix that... for DOING EVERYTHING for me and setting this whole thing up so I could ramble on and bore the pants off of everyone who stops by  :D

I am so totally technologically impaired it's not even funny, how sad :( but on the bright side I'm learning... if this post actually goes up, that is. I may or may not have to put in a "HELP ME!!!" call to Alexis, but here's hoping she doesn't have to hold my hand the whole time... Good Lord... am I like 80 or something?!

So here we are, WingDustCollections now has a voice and a home and I'm so excited to be getting a bit more organized, between this and the windgdust facebook page we should be able to keep you fairly well-informed and up-to-date and all the happenings and specials going on. 

Thank you thank you for visiting, come back soon! But be warned, I kept this post relatively short to try and con you into coming back a second time :) 

PS -- Don't forget about the giveaway that's going on tonight... if you haven't already done so, get on over to my Facebook page @ to "Like to win" 3 full bottles and 3 mini's and counting (up until 6pm tonight)- I say "and counting" because for every 10 "Likes" the prizes grows by 1 mini bottle... It's free stuff...Just sayin'! :) 

Winner announced at 7PM tonight on my Facebook page, good luck ladies!



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