Friday, January 18, 2013

Happy Friday!!

SO glad it's the weekend, something about this week just seemed to drain everything out of me for some reason.

Time to put up my once-every-2-month post again :) For those of you who still bother to pop in from time to time you'll know all too well about my horrible blogging skills- or lack thereof!

I thought I'd throw out a few photos of our craft show before Christmas, we had a blast setting up the table and displaying all our lovely blogger photos, it gave everything such an elegant and professional feel. What do you think of our set-up?

Check out those sexy swatches from ms. Alexis Leigh and Sassy Paints Gini- they made us look so good!

After the craft show was all wrapped up we literally were wrapping up for Christmas, it was home to the country we went to be with my parents. After starting our winter with no snow, wouldn't you know it snowed like crazy the night we were making the long trip home... that was a bit scary, we definitely got our winter wonderland. Yuck! 

On a cuter, more positive note, can y'all guess what I got my Momma for Christmas? It was pretty adorable I must say, I was quite proud of myself :) Check it out.

It's about those adorable little feets sticking straight up in the air!

Loves his nail polish jewelry!

Max found a little nook on Mom's book shelf, later broke one of her statues when he got too big :)

Nothing like an adorable little ball of fluff to make everyones Christmas brighter, Mom welcomed little Mad Max with open arms, he is now her little shadow I hear. Don't be fooled by his adorableness though, he is named Mad Max for a reason... a very good one!

In between all the kitten cuteness and eating unhealthy amounts of food, we did manage to get a little exercise in... a very little, but exercise nonetheless!

OK... so THEY got exercise... and I watched!

All in all it was a wonderful Christmas, made better by the family that came down, which doesn't happen as often as I wish it could. 

I might be a bit behind the times on this one but from my family to yours, I hope your Christmas and New Years were wonderful and filled with laughter, love, and many amazing memories.

And now that it's finally back to life as usual??

Polish on!

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